We provide clients with a wide variety of solutions to the challenges presented by the evolving operational and regulatory environment.  With decades of experience in the residential mortgage market and consumer loan industry, Polaris is uniquely positioned to provide insight, analysis and management involvement in the development and achievement of organizational goals.

  • Operational Assessment and Management Development

Polaris will conduct strategic and operational reviews of existing or proposed operations.  We will help you develop strategies and coordinate transition and implementation to achieve immediate and ongoing operational efficiencies and maximize returns.  Our team will work with all levels of management to improve and develop critical and essential management skills and techniques that will help create a sustainable and effective organization.

  • Origination Advisory and Management

Experienced in all facets of loan origination (retail/wholesale/correspondent), including organizational management, underwriting, processing, funding and secondary marketing, Polaris actively assists clients with the development and execution of their origination strategy.

  • Servicing Review and Analysis

Polaris conducts discrete, comprehensive internal or 3rd party servicer review and analysis to assist in the formulation of benchmarks for existing servicing operations or to aid in the selection of a new servicing partner.

  • Servicer Oversight

Polaris achieves enhanced portfolio performance through diligent, comprehensive, strategic and tactical servicing reviews as well as analysis and active montoring with oversight.

  • Outsourced Managed Cost Solutions

Converting from fixed to managed costs remains a critical goal for many Polaris clients.  We offer numerous management services on a contract basis to select clients in an effort to control costs while maintaining and enhancing capabilities.

  • Warehouse Line Reviews

Polaris possesses the resources and capabilities to conduct pre-warehouse diligence reviews as well as ongoing warehouse line reviews for providers.